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April 10, 2021

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7 Awesome Women

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You are an ambitious woman in corporate who is always hustling. You are busy with everyone and everything else, and often put yourself last on the list…you even sometimes get in your own way. You are ready to up-level, to change your life and change your business strategy, but get distracted by everyday life.


You deeply crave success and know that surrounding yourself with other successful women is the key to up-leveling. But carving out the next steps seems impossible when you are slammed with the overwhelm of “day to day.”



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We have an incredible line up of topics and speakers focused on cultivating your purpose, confidence and mindset! No matter who you are or what you do as a woman in business, this is designed just for you...

Build Your Confidence through Authentic Living

Esther Grisham

Career Transition Strategist

Working in corporate environments can drain your energy, strength, and sharpness. Discover the hope that lives within you and manifest your values, experiences, and dreams of doing something significant. Also find out how you can transition into your next career step by tapping into a little known power source.

Guilt Cleanse for Women

Rachel Prtiz

Certified Enneagram and Life Coach

Do want to get rid of all that unnecessary and learned guilt you're carrying around? What if someday started today?

You were meant for something great. You can enjoy a peace-filled life without all the learned guilt. Rachel will help you discover who you were before the world told you who you should be.

Mindset Reset

Rhonda Holt

Life Coach @ Spirit Soul Body Coach

First quarter is almost over. Do you feel stuck or like you still can’t reach those goals? Maybe you need a reset. Let’s evaluate and restart. In this session we will talk about:

  • Who you really are

  • What you really want

  • Set new goals and an effective plan

The Art of Being without Doing

Tausha Luttrell

Massage Therapist and Bodywork Coach

Bodywork plays an important role to health management and is not self- indulgence, but rather necessary self-care that allows you to ultimately take better care of yourself and others. Whether you need renewed energy, body balancing or stress relief, this session is for you!

Shift Happens

Colette Pellissier

Leadership Coach & Spiritual Sherpa

It's happening now like never before. Shift in how we live, work, play and create. Shift in our moral compass for an even brighter true north. Shift in our relationship with ourselves and everyone around us. Now is a great time to explore & indulge the stirrings in your heart, and steep in the space where purpose is ready to reveal itself more fully to you.

Calling All Yes Warriors

Susan Mcclain

Transformation & Growth Consultant

We all have beliefs and stories we tell ourselves. And we’ve developed patterns and habits which support these stories. But who would you be if you told yourself a different story? A story where you said ‘yes’ to achieving your highest dreams. Embracing the elements of natural success can change your story to one of abundance and opportunity. One word is all it takes.

Women, Wine & Wealth

Katherine Kuhn

Financial Coach

If you're like most women, you have the desire to save money, reduce debt, and eliminate your financial worries. But if you weren't taught basic money principles and how to create a financial strategy to build wealth, that might seem out of reach. How do you worry less about money? It starts with understanding basic money principles.


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