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Angie Nuttle, Executive Business Coach for Corporate and Entrepreneurial Women

August Month's ONLINE Circle: How to Speak Words that Inspire Your Audience

Have you ever talked with someone and their words spoke to your soul?  In our Women's Coaching Circle for August, we will work on our verbal presentation and responses when speaking publicly, on video, and in meetings.  


  • Learn the two mindsets that have to be present in order to get your audience's attention

  • Discover the words you should always avoid and what you should replace them with

  • Create and activate the vocabulary that represents who you truly are as a businesswoman

Session can be attended online or in person at the VIP Center for Business Women.  Information will be given upon registration.

DATE:     Thursday, August 20, 2020

TIME:      6 p.m. to 7:15 pm EST

WHERE:  Online and Face to Face at VIP Center for Business Women in Indianapolis (Address and Zoom Link provided upon registration)

PRICE:     $59


Have you been looking for a place to start your professional growth and connect with other businesswomen?

A Women's Circle is a cohort group of 3-8 women with common interests who want objective coaching in a safe setting.  ​It's the perfect solution for women who want the benefit of personalized attention, expert coaching, and respectful support at a budget-friendly investment of 59.00 per month.

It doesn't matter if your job is at home, in an office, or a factory, you'll get answers and accountability. You'll also enjoy building relationships that bring wisdom, joy, and a composed soul.

•Discover and discuss possibilities for your business and life- and gain the confidence to pursue them.

​​•Get clear and intentional around who you are, what you do, and what value you bring.

​​•Work through challenges at work and home with a group who cares understands. and can help you be accountable.

Our face to face coach-led circles generally meet one time each Month from 6 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. at the VIP Center in Indianapolis, Indiana.  

All face-to-face circles meet as one for the first 30 minutes, then break out into their specific circle.  We come back together the last 15 minutes to debrief.  

Light refreshments and beverages are served.

Current circles are below:


1. Click on the ENROLL NOW Button.

2. On your registration form, indicate which circle you want to join.

3. Select your payment.  You can pay by the circle at $59 each month, or you can pay for a year's subscription at a discounted rate of 597.00 (a savings of $111).

4. Once you register, you will receive a welcome email with instructions on the next circle.

5. Come to the circle and get ready to experience an incredible time!


Build professional and personal confidence to maximize potential. Circle is designed for mid to late career business women who want a place to work through challenges.

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Perfect for women who are in the workplace and have an entrepreneurial independent streak and want to explore it. Also a good fit for entrepreneurs.

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This is an active Christian circle for business women who want to work by Christian principles and scripture application. 


Your first circle is FREE. 

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Not sure what circle to be in?  Come together with other ladies in this general circle to explore your commonalities, challenges, and possibilities.

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STARTS 1st of every month!!!

This circle also meets online through a private Facebook Group. You'll receive a free assessment, info, and detox guide in your welcome email upon registration. New participants start the first of the month.

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