Sponsor business women during COVID-19.

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Would you like to sponsor one of our VIP community of women business owners needs your support in light of the COVID-19 Crisis. Give the gift a 1-month membership or a half month membership to sponsor a new or existing member and the VIP Center will match it. Gifts start at $40.

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Working around the clock...

Our community of VIP Women are being impacted financially by COVID-19 and need fast answers and creative solutions to keep their work afloat.  The VIP Center has been conducting:

  • Free online clinics 2 times per day

  • Strategy Sessions & Coaching

  • Sharing Business Tools

We have also offered deferred memberships so business women can get started with a plan to navigate COVID-19 impacts. Your gift will help them keep their memberships, encourage them, and continue their work in this difficult time. Thank you in advance for sponsoring our VIP Women!

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