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Author Ann Collins uses her viral campaign slogan, “I won’t steal, and I can count” and her two years of campaign experiences in her book Hope Loss enCourage, to illustrate how she turned what seemed to be a major loss into her biggest internal victory! Her book has practices as well as methods about progressing in life, even when you don’t think you have the strength. Ann’s first book is a testament to her courage as she reveals how she managed to change her course of life, one step at a time. In sharing her knowledge, Ann learnt that even through hardships, we all have the ability to find a little ray of light and hope. Hope Loss enCourage is a roadmap for anyone seeking to find their sub- conscious winner. Endorsed by Peggy McColl, Ann found encouragement to write her first book when she met Bob Proctor. The seed of her writing started from journaling and manifested itself into a book, with practices and messages to live a winning life.

Hope, Loss, enCourage: Scenes from Life's Wins

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