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What's the Secret to Brilliant Executive Presence? You are a talented business person trying to make your mark. You could be an aspiring individual or leader who wants to grow in the company, or a seasoned expert who longs to be respected in your craft. You try to prove yourself, but can't seem to break through to that next level. You find yourself in a career prison. Frustration sets in, and you're left operating beneath your calling and potential. What causes talented people to not be seen, heard, valued, and celebrated for their actual value? Many leaders across the world report the #1 reason is lack of authentic presence. In this book, the true definition of executive presence is identified and what it means to the success of organizations. Find out what recent research reveals about this fascinating topic, and how businesses care missing the mark in ways that hurt business productivity and profitability. This is a practical book where Angela Nuttle teaches you how to move from boring to brilliant as you discover how to activate your authentic gift of presence, and build the necessary skills to live the mission you were called to do. Also, learn the what and how of executive presentations and meetings as major vehicles of executive presence. Hear thought provoking stories from real people and top executives who overcame personal challenges to find their place in the business world. Angela Nuttle is known as the Corporate Talent Expert™, is CEO of a private consulting firm, and operates The School of Executive Presence™. She teaches organizations how to develop people, potential, and processes that create productive and profitable business environments. She works directly with executives, leaders, and talented people to develop value so they can showcase their worth and start operating within their full capabilities.

From Invisible To Incredible: The Secret to Brilliant Executive Presence

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