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Register for Purple Life Conference


A place for women to build
faith and grow in business

through coaching + community 


We teach corporate and entrepreneurial women how to be successful in business through creative

coaching, practical instruction, and cool experiences. We provide virtual and in-person development opportunities atThe VIP Center in Indianapolis.


We also open our beautiful space to the public, which is available for booking private events and Airbnb. 

"Wonderful place for women!!
Beautiful place for meetings and a great place for working women who need office space either temporary or full-time. You should definitely check out the VIP."

Rhonda Clark, Women's Circle Member and Event Attender



Learn how to grow in business through VIP Membership.



Find ways to network, connect, and build authentic relationships.



Hold meetings or events at the gorgeous VIP Event Center.



Traveling to Indy? Stay in our safe, secure, and beautiful Mini-Mansion.

VIP: We are 
Visions In Progress

Our business is unique. We help women work on their faith, mindset, and business growth–no matter what they do for a living or where they live. We teach our VIP community to understand their God-given calling FIRST, then confidently operate in the business world. Our members love what we offer–and the affordability of our plans.

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Our organizational mission is supported financially through the use of our gorgeous 1903 mini-mansion and VIP event center. The VIP was renovated in 2019 by us, and it's breathtaking beauty makes it a popular spot for:

  • Private meetings and event space for anyone to book

  • Airbnb rooms for traveling professionals, interns, and visiting college moms.

Of course, we always welcome sponsors!

Angie Nuttle, Founder and CEO
VIP Center for Business Women

VIP Membership helps me learn from women who have different experiences that I have and it's a great mentorship program.  You get time to focus on you, learn from others and you're not alone when working through problems.

-Michelle Allen, VIP Business Member


We are a fun bunch of ladies who are serious about meaningful business experiences.  Our structure and staffing is unique. 

Learn more about the VIP Team and our Story here.


Want to learn more about your options and opportunities? TALK WITH US.

                 COMMON QUESTIONS


Can men come into the VIP Center? 

Yes, when they are invited by a member to conduct business or if they are attending a privately booked event. 

Can I co-work at the VIP Center? 

Yes, we offer day passes for those who want to work remotely on occasion.

Can I book event space if I am not a member?  

Yes, we allow the public to book our event venues.  For Airbnb, we only allow women to book our rooms.

The VIP Center has been a refuge and business inspiration to me...such a wealth of information to be gleaned from the team and members, as well as heart-felt support! It has been a God send for me, personally and professionally. 

-Jennifer Seffrin


These incredible women-owned businesses are sponsor partners with the VIP Center for Business Women.  We are grateful for their support, which helps us to provide public events that cater to women in business. In turn, we spread the word about their businesses through targeted marketing strategies to share all the wonderful things they are doing to build up people.

Learn more how we bring your business visibility. Schedule a Call with Angie Nuttle, Founder.

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