For Corporate & Entrepreneurial Women who are

Visions In Progress 


Business Women come here to...


Co-Work in Peace

Come for the day or save with a VIP membership. Enjoy fresh coffee, incredible food in our VIP Cafe, and enjoy quiet time.


Book Space 

Hold meetings, book private events, and do AirBnb in our beautifully designed private rooms for 1 to 60 people.


Join fun events like VIP Week, VIP Art Parties, Chocolate and Coffee Expo, and  network at our Women's Coaching Circles .

Network in Events


About the VIP Center...

VIP stands for Visions In Progress... and it's all about supporting women who know it's their time to live and work with freedom, flexibility, and fulfillment. We go beyond co-working... we offer in-person and virtual experiences through:

  • Formal coaching & mentoring 

  • Business growth support & training

  • Promotion of member businesses 

  • Business opportunities to grow purpose and profitability

  • Coaching circles and events to personally connect and grow

We're located in a stunning 1903 Mansion that was renovated in 2019 by Founder Angie Nuttle and her husband, Aaron.  Learn more about the inspiring story here.

"...Convenient location, beautiful facilities that inspire creativity and productivity.  Hospitality is wonderful... Love using this space for team strategic planning, solo-focused work days and coaching meetings."


Christin Nevins, VIP Member


  • Wi-Fi and power charging stations

  • Free coffee and tea as well as an onsite cafe

  • Catering for events and bookings

  • Discounts on workshops and conferences

  • AirBnb meal service

  • Free and convenient parking

  • Teleconferencing, livestreaming, video production and podcasting

  • Printing station and mail service

  • Bring a friend to work passes



                   Common Questions...


Can men come into the VIP Center? 


Yes, when they are invited by a member to conduct business or if they are attending an event. 

Can I co-work at VIP if I'm not a member? 


Yes, we offer day passes for those who want to work remotely on occasion.

Can I book event space if I am not a member?  


Yes, we allow the public to book our event venues, although members get discounts.

"Wonderful training place for women!!

Beautiful place for meetings and a great place for working women who need office space either temporary or full time. You should definitely check out the VIP."


Rhonda Clark, Women's Circle Member and Event Attender

About the VIP TEAM



We are a fun bunch of ladies who are also serious about meaningful business experiences.  Our structure and staffing is unique.  Read more below to find out what makes us special and distinct.



VIP Center- Founder & Owner

Angie officially founded the VIP Center for Business Women in 2019. She and her husband, Aaron, renovated the 1903 building into a beautiful and modernized space with visible traces of history.

Angie is CEO of Corporate Talent Institute and an Executive Business Coach for Corporate and Entrepreneurial Women. 


 She spent 20 years in Corporate America and runs 3 successful businesses.  Learn more here.

Amanda Gleason Headshot.jpg


VIP CENTER- Founding Member

Amanda has acted as an advisor since the purchase and renovation of the VIP Center for Business Women.  She currently serves as an HR and business team member and is frequently found working onsite at the VIP.

Amanda is Owner and President of PeopleFirst HR Indy and an expert at HR Compliance.  She has a passion for working with women and helping them become successful in their careers.  Learn more here.

Cindy Giuliani.jpg


VIP Operations 

Cindy has been in the trenches with us as we stood up the VIP Center.  She helped us open the doors  and became our first Entrepreneur-In-Residence as Angie helped her to build her business.


Cindy has worked with Angie Nuttle to stand up her nonprofit organization, Arise Together, which is a ministry-based program helping women come out of incarceration and live successfully in society.   Learn more here.



VIP Caterer and Culinary Chef

Meredith was selected to be our primary caterer once we tasted her incredible organic creations.  As a young entrepreneur who is on the fast track to culinary success, we are helping her to take her food prep business to the next level.


Meredith's company is called Abundant Plate Wellness, and she offers wholesome meal services, nutritional counseling, and high end catering for the distinguished palette. She also caters for our event venue patrons at VIP.  Learn more here.



  VIP Lunch Cafe & Caterer

Christy is our VIP Cafe lunchtime provider, as well as a caterer for some of our event patrons.  She has been a long time educator and has helped Angie with a few online course projects and the School of Executive Presence. 


Christy is stepping out onto the catering scene for the first time.  She started Daisy Joy Catering with her husband, Mike, in 2019.    Learn more here.



VIP Community Coordinator

Jennifer, or "Jenn", is our future VIP Community Coordinator as we build up memberships.  She is a gregarious and gifted communicator full of creative ideas for intentional collaboration.


Jennifer owns Seffrin Synergy Consulting and is a Thrive Ability Life Coach. She is also the Founder of Indy Holistic Hub.     Learn more here.

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