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No one enjoys being stuck. We don’t like being stuck in line, stuck in traffic, stuck in a dead-end job, or stuck in an unhealthy relationship. There’s a strong sense of helplessness that being stuck triggers. We can become overwhelmed by the feeling that our current situation is insurmountable. We are caged – trapped in our stuck pattern of living.

The problem is, we don’t know how to get unstuck.

UNSTUCK AT LAST was written by Gallup Certified Strengths Coach Sarah Robinson to provide new insight and tools for anyone who has felt stuck in a life situation. Inspired by her own journey and the significant difference that discovering her Strengths made in her own life, Robinson is uniquely qualified to provide guidance and motivation to others, no matter their circumstances.

Identifying your Strengths is only the first step on the road to becoming unstuck. Knowing what they mean and how to use them every day is where the real work — and the real rewards — lie. Using real-life examples, Robinson guides you through relatable scenarios and meaningful exercises to a new paradigm. Embracing and utilizing your Strengths allows you to kick down the usual roadblocks and excuses (“Change is hard,” “People expect me to act a certain way,” “I couldn’t possibly pursue my dreams,” “I have to be realistic”) and live the life you were meant to live.

Anyone who is achieving less than 100% of their full potential can garner benefits from UNSTUCK AT LAST. The exercises at the end of every chapter will lead to insights and actions that are the key to unlocking the unique dreams and desires of each reader.

Unstuck At Last

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