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Shelly and the Circle of Light  Storybook: Shelly was a very curious little bug. She asked her mommy and poppy, “What are we? What is our purpose in life?” But her parents did not have an answer for her. She sets out into the forest to find her answers, and along the way, she meets many interesting characters. Her adventure teaches Shelly that everyone has a special place and a job to do, even her! Shelly and the Circle of Light is the touching story of a young lightning bug looking for her purpose in life. Shelly’s journey speaks of perseverance and determination in a way that is engaging and fun for young readers and those who read to them.


Shelly Shines Activity Book: It’s an Adventure! The Shelly Shines Activity Book takes children through a learning adventure. Each lesson teaches important concepts that help children grow in the areas of sharing and caring. The workbook lays out lessons, activities, and even has space for children to reflect on what they’ve learned and how positive it makes them feel. Learning can be fun!

Shelly and the Circle of Light Storybook & Activity Book

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