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Career Growth, Mentorship, and Development for
Corporate Women—All In One Membership...

Co-working space

Affordable Women's Training and Development Solutions for companies who want to save time and money–without sacrificing quality.

It's time for goal-setting...and corporate organizations want time and budget friendly options. 

Discover the Corporate Business Women's Membership.


Career & Presence

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Get solutions to corporate life challenges and build career success without investing tons of time away from your busy schedule.

Mindset & Healthiness

Women Who Run

Build confidence, mental clarity, and a fit lifestyle through easy to access resources, tools, and live support from rock star coaches.

Network & Connect

Women at Fancy Lunch

Grow your network, build authentic relationships, and mentor/be mentored through our Corporate Biz Community online or in person


Created by corporate experts and coaches, Imagine a “plug and play” style of development that is interactive, live, and inspiring. Every woman can customize her development plan and gets access to additional coaching, mentoring, and training ...all based on her schedule and interests.

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Help women in your company to navigate corporate life with critical skills...

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The Corporate Business Women's Membership will give you instant access to live coaching, tools, and connection that will help you to...

•Learn to communicate with poise and influence—without a huge time commitment.


•Deal with conflict and challenging situations–and show up with keen social agility. 


•Build credibility and respect through authentic executive presence—without spending thousands for a coach.


•Achieve clarity, confidence, and career security and finally kick out those inner critics so you shut down stress.


•Expand your professional network and circle of friends through meaningful events

without it feeling awkward and uncomfortable.

•Take control of your health, fitness, energy, and mental sharpness

and clarify your thinking power.

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Corporate Business Women's

Members get instant quality attention in our weekly 60 Minute Thursday Corporate Biz Clinics from

12 Noon to 1 pm EST



(Attend online, in person, or both!)

Each week of the month has a different focus:


Week 1:Communication and Conflict

Week 2: Confidence, Influence, and Presence

Week 3: Get Your Career In Gear

Week 4: Wildcard Coaching

Week 5: Special Topics

Members get "Hotseat" Coaching in each session—

Bring challenges and get answers in 15 minutes...

(A tremendous value for a fraction of the time and cost!)

AND, for a limited time, new members get an invitation to these valuable bonus opportunities, whichever is most important to you...


Achieve mental sharpness, get your energy back, and drop those stubborn pounds. Manage your emotions and food with our 60 Day Proprietary Formula Guidebook and weekly program. 


Get a spiritual pick-me-up! 15 minute weekly devotion for faith-based business women. You'll get a mini devotion, prayer, and Christian connections.


Join us for 30 minutes of fun and inspirational mindset work! Reset, relieve stress, and enjoy laughing with other business women! Meets weekly on Zoom at 4 p.m. EST.


Online and in-person opportunities to meet new colleagues, gain friends, and forge deeper connections through the VIP Center community network.

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Beth Barich

Connection, Connection, Connection! VIP Membership is a warm, welcoming, inspiring, and supportive group that has helped me grow as a woman and a woman in business. Collaborative and encouraging ...a truly amazing group of business women.


Marla Watson

It’s a comfort to know that support and encouragement are at your fingertips. That weekly you have at your disposal at least 2-3 meetings you can join for an hour or less and receive motivation from other women and a tool or wisdom to help with a problem or just a nice breather from day. The connections and network possibilities are endless. You get a lot of bang for your buck!


Deitra McGuire

VIP Membership helps me learn from women who have different experiences than I have and it’s a great mentorship program. You get time to focus on you, learn from others. You’re not alone when working through problems.


Investments start as low as $77 per person per month for Corporate organizations.

Talk with our VIP Team to discover the right plan for your organization.


Money Back Guarantee if you hate it.
Cancel anytime. No questions asked.

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VIP stands for Visions In Progress

...and it's all about supporting women who know it's their time to live and work with freedom, flexibility, and fulfillment. We offer in-person and virtual career growth experiences through:

  • Executive Coaching to build executive presence, communication skills, and career management

  • Networking opportunities both online and in person at the VIP Center in Indianapolis, Indiana

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Angie Nuttle, Founder and CEO

3755 N. Washington Blvd.

Indianapolis, IN 46205


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